Frequently Asked Questions

OffNote Labs?

OffNote Labs is a home for independent researchers.

A one-of-its-kind collaborative, open research ecosystem driven by passionate students, professionals and researchers. We do cutting-edge research in AI and Deep Learning, on a wide variety of problems in NLP, computer vision, speech and systems.

Problems we work on include multi-modal perception/translation, conversational bots, augmented reality, speech synthesis, multi-task learning, generative models, ML/data compilers.

OffNote Labs grew out of the need to

  • improve the style and pace of research beyond conventional ways,
  • enable motivated individuals/groups to choose, explore and solve challenging problems, in less constrained environments, and
  • quicken the mainstream adoption and impact of advanced AI research, in under-appreciated domains.

AI Research Program

We run an exclusive, self-paced, AI research program for young researchers, to help them grow, learn to distil and communicate, develop a taste for doing top-notch research, learn rigor and do work that they are proud of. Apply here.

  • We are looking to work with self-motivated, ambitious individuals, who love to learn, build disruptive software, publish results, and contribute to open-source research community.
  • In past, we’ve worked well with individuals who are familiar with deep learning, and passionate to gain a research experience tackling hard problems, irrespective of their engineering major.
  • Our current participants hail the program as a unique, unparalleled, cross-domain learning experience which improves both their research and coding skills.
  • Many students aspire to go for higher studies and value this program as a stepping stone.


  • Solving and building solutions for challenging problems with broad, society-wide impact.
  • Open-source dissemination of research and tools, no-boundaries collaboration between researchers.
  • We strive to build a community of independent researchers, helping them sustain themselves as they forge ahead battling unique and challenging problems.

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