AI Research Program

OffNote Labs invites applications for its exclusive, fun and ambitious AI research program for young researchers.

Our strategic curriculum helps young researchers grow, learn to distil and communicate, develop a taste for doing top-notch research, learn rigor and do work that they are proud of.

  • Freedom to work on cutting-edge research problems in AI and Deep Learning: NLP, Computer Vision, Speech and Systems
  • Open to all engineering disciplines
  • Problems tuned to your skill level, but a good familiarity with deep learning required
  • Read latest papers, code repositories; explore to select interesting research problems, implement your ideas, present research talks, write paper summaries, and more.
  • Current participants hail the program as a unique, unparalleled, cross-domain learning experience which improves both their research and coding skills.
  • Students aspiring for higher studies value this program as a stepping stone.
  • The program is tough: designed for self-motivated, ambitious individuals, who love to learn, build disruptive software and contribute to open-source research community.
  • Several students published their research from this program.

Problems we’ve worked on include multi-modal perception/translation, conversational bots, augmented reality, speech synthesis, multi-task learning, generative models, tinyML, ML/data compilers.

Read about the experience of past members of the program @Medium.


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