Open Research Platform

OffNote Labs is an open platform for doing research, build cutting-edge tools and publish scientific work. We welcome curious, motivated students, from any engineering background, eager to push beyond their comfort zones to solve hard AI problems.

  • No kidding, no PhD involved!
  • Learn to communicate scientific knowledge
  • Problem driven learning
  • Flourish in uncertainty: open-ended problems
  • Develop and Discover your own research taste
  • Build consumable software
  • Publish in top conferences

Talks, Events

We invite researchers and mentors to from industry to talk about practical research problems and share their background, career journey, with our young researchers. We love to learn from their experiences, successes and failures!

We are glad to host talks from leading AI Researchers, across the world. The talks are available in our Youtube channel.

Papers, Articles

Read about our Research and experience of past Young Researchers on medium. Read this article if you are looking to apply or learn about our vision.